The Best Job

Yesterday I dreampt that I had this job where I just wrote all day. I wrote a book a day. I was one of it’s best employees and I liked my job.

I didn’t even know what I was writing. I’d just write it and submit it.

If only I could really find a job like that and more, WRITE A BOOK A DAY.


Hope Ya All Had a Merry Christmas

Was listening to this preacher I subscribe to on Youtube, and he says Christmas is a Pagan holiday, and you know what, he is right, but who cares. I mean, ya, history is important to me, lets get the facts right.  But his point was we should not worship it because it’s a Pagan Holiday.  To that I have to say, so what.  But if he told us Christmas is too commercialized, I’d agree and we need to fix that.

Anyways, I’m tired.  Had not had much sleep.  These holiday had messed everything up and I work nights, so I’m tired. and will go away on the 15th and to replace it I created  It’s a bit of a mess now, but I’ll get it fine tuned.

This is  I could not do what I wanted to do here, so when this expires, probably next year, this will convert to the wordpress default.

But I like it, will keep it and hope to combine it with my wordpress blogs on  I’ve done that before in the past, just have to figure out how I did that.


First Entry

I don’t know if I lied to my mother when I told her that in 2015 things will get better.

California will be testing Hydrogen vehicles, we killed the xl pipeline deal, people are standing up for human rights, the Kurdish YPG are winning, etc.

But, I’ve read of emails hacked telling about nuclear bombs to be detonated in Chicago and Pennsylvania.  A future map that shows the U.S. population less than half what it is now.  Food for Syrian refugees is running out and funding to be cut off. The Georgia Guide Stones new stone possibly predicting a major disaster between now and 2016.  Ebola purposely being brought to the U.S. and a financial disaster is looming over us because of our fuel price fixing to hurt the Russian economy.

So I don’t know.  Still believe though that it gets darkest just before the dawn and still have faith.  Because five years ago I tried to kill myself and lived.  I figure I lived for a reason and we’re going to see what that is.