A Story Of Love from I-Power

Love – it is a mystery – even to me. It is like a big round world. You can learn small parts of it but you can never get the whole picture. Sometimes painful, most of the time happy. Love is just one of those things that you have to experience to understand.

This is a very small piece from when I was a boy, but never-the-less, strange and amusing. I was just thinking about it for some strange reason and thought, I should tell this story.

My best friend Bob had an older brother called Jim who was considered to be one of the toughest and meanest guys on the south side of town. His dad used to beat his mother until one day Jim became angry and beat up his father who then left. They were well off until then, now poor, his mother worked nights in a nursing home.

Jim was so bad that he almost beat a man to death in the middle of the street in front of their house. The victim’s girl friend stopped him. He was so tough that he once knocked out a cop with one punch. He came home and called his patrol officer so that he wouldn’t be arrested, they dropped the charges because the cop was in the wrong.

The south side of town was the richer side of town and we were the poor who lived amongst them and I’m sure that is why I don’t like rich people, a prejudice I need to get over. Bob had another brother though I cannot remember his name right now. The three brothers shared a room in an old rental house and strangely enough, big bad Jim had the softest bed you could imagine. The top mattress was actually just a large piece of sponge rubber. Everyone was jealous of Jim’s bed and nobody was even allowed to sit on it or they would get punched.

One night I was sleeping over and I slept on their bedroom floor. I wasn’t asleep yet when Bob’s brother Jim came stumbling in. He was either drunk or high or both. I just closed my eyes, didn’t move and pretended to be asleep. He stopped right where I was laying and cried out, “What The Fuck!” He then softly exclaimed, “god damn son of a fucking bitch.” To my surprise he picked me up. I just continued to pretend like I was asleep. I was even more surprised when he put me in his bed and covered me with a blanket and then he laid down on the floor in the middle of the room. I couldn’t believe it. I had to open my eyes and look and I wondered if I wasn’t dreaming.

Me and Bob woke up at about the same time and Bob looked at me and said, “what the hell!” I just shrugged my shoulders and said, “your brother put me here.” Bob gave me a puzzled look and then quickly said, “we better get out of here, he sees you in his bed and he will beat the hell out of both of us.” Needless to say I began to believe that Jim really wasn’t that mean, but I listened to Bob anyways and we got out of there.

That’s it, story’s over – well what did you expect? Weird huh? One of the toughest, meanest guys on the south side and love just slipped right out of him while he wasn’t paying any attention. Proving once again that this thing called love is a tricky thing and it’ll get you if you don’t watch it. You’ll find it where you least expect and where you think it should be, surprisingly it can’t be found. Love is indeed a mystery


Results of Trickle Down Economics

From 1949 to 1979, the vast majority of the American people experienced solid income gains during periods of economic growth. In 1980, Ronald Regan was elected president and the era of “trickle down” economics began. This chart shows the results. Today all of the new income gains have gone to the top 1 percent. ~ Bernie Buzz

How Things Work

So you get a better understanding of how things work, I thought I would explain.

A politician can say anything whether it is true or false, it doesn’t matter, it just has to sound good.  The better they sound, the more people will like them and possibly vote for them.  So the politician will just say anything and the media will simply repeat what ever they say, without question or investigation.  It then becomes a fact in the minds of the American people.

Even though we have been lied to a thousand times, we still go on accepting what ever the media says.  Even though we say we don’t, we do.  Trust me, listen to people, they’ll repeat the news as if it were fact, no one will question anything.

I recall a time when my Senator told the story about how Saddam Hussein’s brother raped a newlywed right after she was married, and that was just one example of why we needed to go to war. It was complete fiction. Nobody ever questioned it.

And that my folks is how it works.

Good Evening All Good People – If You’re Not A Good Person, Please Don’t Read This

Slept for 12 hours today, didn’t sleep much the day before. Nothing like a little self induced stress to make for a good nights sleep the next day. When I woke up I read this wonderful article of good news I thought I would share.

Kurds celebrate ousting Islamic State fighters from Kobani

The YPG is a very moral army. To the best of my knowledge they are the most moral army in the world.  I made a video about them.

Now you may ask, what about the U.S. Army? Sorry, we captured innocent people, called them terrorists and tortured them. We tortured some of them to death.  We are not a moral army.  ISIS is worse than us, only this we can be proud of.  Concerning the torture.  I made a video about that.

I was going to write this article right away after reading about the victory of Kobani, but I had to watch the Twilight Zone with my wife. Me working nights, we don’t spend much time together. Isn’t it nice that I can relax and watch the Twilight Zone in the comfort of my warm home in the winter time with a fresh cup of coffee made from my electric coffee pot and my wife can have a cool glass of tea from the refrigerator.  Both the tea and coffee came from fresh filtered water from our kitchen sink.  How is that we can be so lucky, supported by an immoral army and corrupted government that dominates the rest of the world.  Always on TV the good are repaid with goodness and the bad punishment, but in the real world good people suffer while those supporting an evil government and military live the good life.  This is confusing.  So you might wonder why I believe that Satan is the ruler of this earth.  Satan who turns everything upside down. We should be suffering for the military and government we support for the things they have done throughout the world but instead we are blessed.  I certainly do not want to suffer for the things my military and government does because I’m not a bad person, but those who suffer in this world, they’re not bad people either?  I’m over thinking this, I have to stop, I can’t feel guilty for something I cannot change.

But WE can change this.  Together.  But we keep finding fault with one another and say to our self “I will have nothing to do with this person (or that person).”  There will be some people who will say or think mean things about what I just wrote, but they just don’t get it.  The real bad people are the ones controlling this world, making bad decisions that are destroying other peoples lives, literally, killing them, without any concern at all accept for keeping their seat of power.  When we decide to stop supporting those in power and instead begin to support one another, then the world will change, because we will change it.

A New Poem: Paranoia Fear and Afraid

Paranoia Fear and Afraid

Nay we beg or hide
Degrade ourselves in mind of others
Who sees the truth written in the sky
Does anyone bother to ask why
Finding one kind thought for another

In cars or houses
Behind computer screens and phones
Will any dare walk out and rise
Without a disguise

We are mouses
Inside of houses
Fixing our hair for anyone
who might care
We knock and cannot enter
Into a door we cannot find
We cannot see
Accept through the eyes of another

By: Shepard of Peace


Climate Change

It will start getting colder. It’s snowing in the middle east. I think this is the third year in a row.


“It seems that the sun’s quiescence was responsible for the most extreme phases of the Little Ice Age, implying that solar variability sometimes plays a significant role in climate change. A change in solar activity may also, for example, have contributed to the post Little Ice Age rise in global temperatures in the first half of the 20th Century. However, solar variability alone cannot explain the post-1970 global temperature trends, especially the global temperature rise in the last three decades of the 20th Century, which has been attributed by the Inter-Governmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) to increased concentrations of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.”


Advancing glaciers.


Symptoms of Oxygen deprevation

Symptoms of delirium include a confused state of mind accompanied by poor attention, impaired recent memory, irritability, inappropriate behavior (such as the use of vulgar language, despite lack of a history of such behavior), and anxiety and fearfulness. In some cases, the person can appear to be psychotic, fostering illusions, delusions , hallucinations, and/or paranoia . In other cases, the patient may simply appear to be withdrawn and apathetic. In still other cases, the patient may become agitated and restless, unable to remain in bed, and feel a strong need to pace the floor.

Read more: http://www.minddisorders.com/Br-Del/Delirium.html#ixzz3LhI6IwKU

In September 1991, a crew of eight researchers entered the Biosphere 2 for its first mission in contained survival. Needless to say, the experiment didn’t go entirely as planned. The Biospherians suffered from mysterious, and severe, oxygen depletion, forcing the project managers to break the seal and inject additional oxygen into the environment. Years later, researchers discovered that the concrete structure was largely to blame–it hadn’t entirely cured before closure.


Ben has broken up his videos into small piecemeal segments, so check out his site for more information. http://www.suspicious0bservers.org/

A Bad Linux Day

Thought I’d make my Linux look better. I got a message that I need a program that I didn’t have access to. It was apart of the Gnome project. So I logged off, switched from Mate to Gnome, logged on and it’s broke (just a black screen) and I can’t get back to the log in screen to switch it back to Mate. So I figure I have to reload and I can’t find my disk. So I log into Windows and get a message, “Avast has blocked a malware program.” How can I get malware on my windows when I never use it.

God, how have I angered you?