Good Evening All Good People – If You’re Not A Good Person, Please Don’t Read This

Slept for 12 hours today, didn’t sleep much the day before. Nothing like a little self induced stress to make for a good nights sleep the next day. When I woke up I read this wonderful article of good news I thought I would share.

Kurds celebrate ousting Islamic State fighters from Kobani

The YPG is a very moral army. To the best of my knowledge they are the most moral army in the world.  I made a video about them.

Now you may ask, what about the U.S. Army? Sorry, we captured innocent people, called them terrorists and tortured them. We tortured some of them to death.  We are not a moral army.  ISIS is worse than us, only this we can be proud of.  Concerning the torture.  I made a video about that.

I was going to write this article right away after reading about the victory of Kobani, but I had to watch the Twilight Zone with my wife. Me working nights, we don’t spend much time together. Isn’t it nice that I can relax and watch the Twilight Zone in the comfort of my warm home in the winter time with a fresh cup of coffee made from my electric coffee pot and my wife can have a cool glass of tea from the refrigerator.  Both the tea and coffee came from fresh filtered water from our kitchen sink.  How is that we can be so lucky, supported by an immoral army and corrupted government that dominates the rest of the world.  Always on TV the good are repaid with goodness and the bad punishment, but in the real world good people suffer while those supporting an evil government and military live the good life.  This is confusing.  So you might wonder why I believe that Satan is the ruler of this earth.  Satan who turns everything upside down. We should be suffering for the military and government we support for the things they have done throughout the world but instead we are blessed.  I certainly do not want to suffer for the things my military and government does because I’m not a bad person, but those who suffer in this world, they’re not bad people either?  I’m over thinking this, I have to stop, I can’t feel guilty for something I cannot change.

But WE can change this.  Together.  But we keep finding fault with one another and say to our self “I will have nothing to do with this person (or that person).”  There will be some people who will say or think mean things about what I just wrote, but they just don’t get it.  The real bad people are the ones controlling this world, making bad decisions that are destroying other peoples lives, literally, killing them, without any concern at all accept for keeping their seat of power.  When we decide to stop supporting those in power and instead begin to support one another, then the world will change, because we will change it.


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