How Things Work

So you get a better understanding of how things work, I thought I would explain.

A politician can say anything whether it is true or false, it doesn’t matter, it just has to sound good.  The better they sound, the more people will like them and possibly vote for them.  So the politician will just say anything and the media will simply repeat what ever they say, without question or investigation.  It then becomes a fact in the minds of the American people.

Even though we have been lied to a thousand times, we still go on accepting what ever the media says.  Even though we say we don’t, we do.  Trust me, listen to people, they’ll repeat the news as if it were fact, no one will question anything.

I recall a time when my Senator told the story about how Saddam Hussein’s brother raped a newlywed right after she was married, and that was just one example of why we needed to go to war. It was complete fiction. Nobody ever questioned it.

And that my folks is how it works.


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