The Vivifier

I am in tears. Cytherea, Adult Star, was the victim of sexual assault by 3 criminals in her home while her husband was abused and held at gun point. Her children were in the home when this robbery/assault occurred.

Mercedes Carrera, Adult Star, made a video making a plea for help to support Cytherea and her family during this time.

Mercedes is an intelligent, creative, woman who stands in the face of hate with her heart wide open. I am in awe of her and she inspires me every day.

In a world where the whore is treated as insignificant, or deserving of any and all abuse, she stands fearless and strong. She created a charity called ‘The Porn Charity’ after a charity refused to take her money because she’s a Sex Worker. Right, gotta watch out for that dirty whore money, huh?

With ‘The Porn Charity’ Mercedes does Live…

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