Sometimes Things Just Happen

I knew a man who was 24 years old and to the best of my knowledge, he never said a cuss word in his life.  I cannot confirm that though, because I never seen him angry.

He didn’t drink, he didn’t smoke, I’ve never even seen him get into a fight.

Serving his country proudly as a Naval Midshipmen hoping to earn his commission.

The woman who was engaged to him I’m sure thought that she found the prize that would make her happy for the rest of her life.

He played tennis as his regular work out.  One day he fell down on the Tennis field and he never got back up.

He had a massive heart attack.  They said that the heart attack was so massive that he was probably dead before he hit ground.

This is a true story.  And to those of us who knew him, we never could understand it, not to this day.

I tell you this story because on TV the bad guy always looses and the good guy always wins.

I’m hear to tell you that this only happens on TV.  But in the real life good people suffer and sometimes bad people seem to have it made in the shade.

I’m telling you this story so that you will understand that sometimes when you see someone having the time of their life, it may not be because they did something right.  And when you see someone suffering, it may not be because they did something wrong.

All of us will someday be held to account for our life on this earth.  I hope when your turn comes, you will proudly shine, knowing that you’ve helped those who hurt, and knowing those how had good fortune, you didn’t just join in, but rather encouraged them to help out others as well.

Thanks for listening
Shepard of Peace.


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