Alison Tieman, an artist and a Male Rights Activist

I’m not a gamer and the only thing I know about Gamer Gate is that they support freedom of speech and expression in a civilized manner.

I’ve spoken with Alison Tieman about my suicide attempt almost six years ago and consider her a friend.  If you notice from the video below, men get it.  I support women’s rights, but I do not support male disposability, but equal rights for all.  If feminists truly believed in equal rights for all as they claim, they would not have attacked Alison Tieman for standing up for men.  If they truly believed in woman’s rights, did they forget that Alison Tieman is a woman.  Her right of free speech and expression has been denied. Instead of protecting this woman’s right, they are the cause of said rights impediment.  Proof that the feminists are not for no ones rights, male or female.

Alison Tieman’s personal feelings on the matter.

Alison Tieman as a Male Rights Activist, one of my favorite videos.

You can find and purchase Alison Teiman’s artwork here:  

You can support Alison Teiman’s legal defense here:  honey-badger-brigade-legal-fund