The End Of Times


I’ve just realized that I have been misunderstanding things for a long time.
Daily I prayed, “Our Father who art in heaven…. thy kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven…” But the actual prayer is: “thy kingdom come. thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven…” I’ve been saying it wrong all these years.

Jesus teaches that the kingdom is within. In order for the kingdom to come, we must be silent and enter in. When we die, it’s a place for those of us who are chosen will go to. We WILL NOT be raptured into the kingdom, just give that idea up, that’s a misinterpretation of scripture. Look it up, just like the trinity, you won’t find it in the bible. Somebody just made it up out of their own understanding and many others just followed along. The trinity isn’t true and the the rapture won’t happen, just give it up, because it isn’t in the bible.

What is in the bible: “I Corinthians 15:50 – I declare to you, brothers and sisters, that flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God, nor does the perishable inherit the imperishable.” It is within where the spirit is, through the comforter given to us where we may go through prayer and meditation. Our souls may also visit this place when we sleep. When I was in a terrible place like Navy Boot Camp I visited there almost every night in my sleep, hated waking up. It’s a place we will go when we die. So the kingdom is not going to come on earth as I once used to believe. The kingdom can never be on earth. This is the place of flesh and blood and it will never go there.

So what’s going to happen. A giant asteroid is coming. Explained in scriptures and in parables within scriptures from all around the world. The Hopi Indians probably have more detailed information about this within their traditions more plainly explained then anyone else. They tell us to just “let go.” and don’t be afraid. Though mainstream media and or NASA don’t talk about it, scientist know about it. You can learn about it in scientific literature. It’s coming soon, I’m sure the government knows about it and obviously by these guide stones we now know was planted by Ted Warner who is a high ranking member of the Illuminati; they know about it. Why have the rich become so greedy recently, because they know about it and are preparing for it.

Many of us will die a speedily and painless death and others of us will die a slow agonizing death and a few of us, a very few of us will live. Basically the earth starts over again. These guide stones were put in place for new rules for those left to follow. It won’t be a kingdom on earth. The earth will basically be starting over as it has many times before in the history of our world. Every time this asteroid comes around. Those of us who die and are chosen will enter the kingdom of heaven. Jesus says you must be born again. That is what this event is, the second birth. That’s why the population is so high right now, because all souls ever created will be here for that second birth. Some of us will be chosen, we will sit at the right hand and others will not. The goats will go to the left. Jesus will say, “I do not know you.”

What ever will happen to the goats is not my concern, I won’t go there. The souls that will be left here will basically be given another chance. I just pray that if I die, it is not an agonizing death. Everything on this earth is a path our soul follows for its transformation that only the creator understands. Those who die an agonizing death are not judged as sinful, but it is apart of their transformation, don’t judge them as below you if you should be the more fortunate one, because only God knows the hearts of each one of us.

I’m not going to discuss the details about this asteroid, because I don’t want to frighten anybody, if you’re curious, research it, if not, don’t worry about it, just be sure your life is in order. You have forgiven those who hurt you and ask forgiveness of those you have hurt; so that you can go clean. Live according to the law, “do unto others as you would others do to you.” and “do as you will, harm none.”


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