Two Poems

Just like these two poems, we are all different.

Don’t Want To Be Miscontated

You say this and you do that
Did you forget or did you not realize
If its ok for you
Then it’s ok for everyone else

I care
I share
Just don’t want to be taken
held onto and told to
Don’t want to be hated
or miscontated

Just want to be me
Ain’t hurting no one
Yet some will hurt
and blame me
they don’t even know me
can’t even see me

Wish I could show them all a world of love
Leave this world so full of miscontation

By: Roger Harkness

The Undrama Untold

The greatest story ever told was not so
Sowing seeds of thistles and thorns
Taking the bull by the horn
But truth be told
It was but a lamb
Stuck in the sand
I looked and saw
How do I untell what was told

The moon was not so bright and the sun was not so hot
The tree was not so big

The branch broke
It was not so strong
What have I done
How could have I been wrong
Out of tune I song this song
Yet the dove sings among
Hearts torn by the thistles and thorns
From the seeds I have sown
Vibrations of forgiveness song rises above burnt dead wood
Add a little moisture and a leaf sprouts
A new tree reaches out
We awake to a new and glorious
Sun Rise

By: Roger Harkness


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