A Sad Day For Florida

Those in Florida, that was terrible. Why do people hate so much? You can blame one person for this. But let me tell you a little bit about psychopaths. Of course they can’t follow their feelings and have no remorse. So instead, they follow society. Kinda hard to do in America with all these different opinions, but they somehow manage. This one caught the carpet of hate for the LGB community. He became the collective for this hate. I can’t say this enough; we need to stop separating people into groups, groups that can be hated as if they are no longer humane. Because some psychopath will grab onto this wind of hate and run with it, believing they are doing something right. We need to fight hate any way we can to stop these things from happening again, and again.

We are not old and young, republican or democrat, left or right, religious, spiritual or atheist, christian, Muslim or Jew, white or colored, men or women. At least the gay, lesbian and bisexuals support each other, they’re not sick, diseased or evil and Jesus never condemned not one of them, neither should Christians and Muslims who believe in Jesus. A heterosexual is not a better or more normal person. People are people and ALL PEOPLE ARE HUMANE CREATIONS OF GOD AND SHOULD BE RESPECTED AS SUCH.


One thought on “A Sad Day For Florida

  1. This post is very touching and truly brought tears to my eyes, I couldn’t agree more with you. Especially the part where we are all creations of God/Goddess and all deserve respect. These are the types of posts that many should read and etch into their hearts. Thank you

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