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Alison Tieman, an artist and a Male Rights Activist

I’m not a gamer and the only thing I know about Gamer Gate is that they support freedom of speech and expression in a civilized manner.

I’ve spoken with Alison Tieman about my suicide attempt almost six years ago and consider her a friend.  If you notice from the video below, men get it.  I support women’s rights, but I do not support male disposability, but equal rights for all.  If feminists truly believed in equal rights for all as they claim, they would not have attacked Alison Tieman for standing up for men.  If they truly believed in woman’s rights, did they forget that Alison Tieman is a woman.  Her right of free speech and expression has been denied. Instead of protecting this woman’s right, they are the cause of said rights impediment.  Proof that the feminists are not for no ones rights, male or female.

Alison Tieman’s personal feelings on the matter.

Alison Tieman as a Male Rights Activist, one of my favorite videos.

You can find and purchase Alison Teiman’s artwork here:  

You can support Alison Teiman’s legal defense here:  honey-badger-brigade-legal-fund

We Need To Support Syria In Its War Against Terrorism

 I just got a phone call from James Lankford’s office about an email message I sent explaining that we should not support moderate rebels to fight ISIS, but rather the Syrian government who is fighting terrorists.  I’m not writing this to boast that I actually got a reply from these people who call themselves my government.  I’m writing this to protect myself, to set the record straight.  Because I disagree with them, they might label me a terrorist and I might disappear during the night. So before that ever might happen, I’m putting my newly won net neutrality into good use before they take that away.
If this young man who called me gave me his name, I can’t remember, I’m not very good at remembering names, I’m sorry.  I should have written it down.  But he was sure of himself, armed with well rehearsed propaganda about how Assad is a terrorist who would destroy Israel.

I’ll just get to the end of the conversation.  I was angry, but I kept my cool. I said, “you know, other countries called Bush a terrorist.”  He laughed, I didn’t know I told a joke, but he thought that was funny.  I explained that Bush was a democratically elected president.  I said that Assad is a democratically elected president and we should respect that just as we would expect other countries to respect our democratically elected president.  Terrorists aren’t elected, they try to take over a government with violence and that’s why we call them terrorists and we should not be supporting them.  I said that we need to just stay out of there all together and leave them alone or if we’re going to fight terrorists, then we need to support a democratically elected president who is currently fighting terrorism.  I told him I was sticking to that point of view and I’m not going to change it.  He thanked me, I thanked him and the call ended.

So that is that.  Blessed Be.