Donald Trump


Who Is Actually Spreading The Hate

They say Donald Trump is a Racist and a Sexist. Anyone who voted for or supports Donald Trump has voted for or is supporting Racism and Sexism. Is Donald Trump actually a Racist and a Sexist, no one has the right to judge. Who is actually the sexist and the racist and who is actually spreading the hate? I’ll tell you a truth, you can choose to listen or disregard, but what you say about others is the truth about yourself.

Don’t Judge A Person By Their Beliefs

Me and my wife disagrees on a lot of things, but she loves me a whole lot anyways (I don’t know why). I consider myself a very religious person, some people would not, they have a different opinion about what religion is, but we are still friends. I have friends who are atheist and others who are feminists. We do not agree, but we are friends. My point is, if your friends are only going to be those who agree with you, you will find yourself with fewer and fewer friends as time goes on.

When I was younger I believed that the King James Bible was the word of God and gays were sinful. Now I believe that the word of God isn’t written on paper and everybody is different. My beliefs have changed but I have not. I’m still the same person, just a little older.

What I’m saying is, we are not the sum of our beliefs. Beliefs are calculations of the mind and they can change. But we are more than just our mind. The mind is nothing more than a computer chip that operates the vessel that we now fill.

Don’t judge people by their beliefs, judge them by who they are, and if you don’t know who they are, then you have no business judging at all.