Climate Change Free Speech Prohibited at DailyKos

Also you can’t talk about men’s rights, zionism or conspiracy theories. Oh yes, and you can’t say nothing bad about Clinton. You will be warned and then tossed off. The Daily Kos is the Borg. #dailykostheborg

Watts Up With That?

Guest essay by Russell Cook

kos_logoUpon seeing DailyKos’ 5/12/15 hit piece against prolific climate issue editorial writer Tom Harris, it reminded me of DailyKos’ hit against me just one day after my WUWT guest post detailing who was behind the smear of Dr Willie Soon. While the folks at DailyKos do all they can outside of their organization to portray critics of catastrophic human-induced global warming as corrupt, the one thing they excel at is suppressing dissent within their walls.

Witness the manner in which they did everything they could to prevent Harris’ rebuttal to the hit piece against him from appearing online at DailyKos, captured in screencaptures at Harris’ web site. When Harris was barred from posting comments at the hit piece against him, he asked others, including me, if we could comment on his behalf, suggesting that if we met the same blocked result, that we could…

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A reminder of what DailyKos is


The Confluence

I’m a bit busy this weekend so I’m just going to repost something I wrote in a comment on Corrente.  But I don’t want anyone to think I spend a lot of time obsessing about DailyKos because I don’t.  It didn’t take me long to figure out four years ago what DailyKos was all about and I have written about it before.  I haven’t been back there for years and I can go months without even thinking about the place.  I don’t yearn to be reinstated.  In fact, quite the contrary for a variety of reasons not least of which is that I don’t want to be associated with what I consider to be an online high control group.

So, here is my reminder of what DailyKos is from Lambert’s post on Allegre’s Writer’s Strike:

Slightly off topic, but following up on the response I had to Hugh above…

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Be a Feminist


It’s okay to be a Feminist
Because we know women bleed and bear seed
But don’t dare be a Male Rights Activists
Because we all know
Men ain’t got no need

We all know men don’t cry
They die only because they have to
Empty the trash
Thats just what men do

Carry that rock and don’t talk
Because that’s what women do
Only women are pretty
Don’t you know

So everybody
Be a Feminist
Don’t dare be a Male Rights Activists
Because women have all these feelings
Just like colorful flowers
Men have nothing
There should be nothing for them

So go ahead and be a Feminist
But don’t be a Male Rights Activists
Because men
they got no need

Anything else but feminism is just greed
You just need to understand that

By: Roger Harkness – Shepard of Peace (A Male Rights Activist) (Ya, I’m a rebel)
Feb 19, 2016

Posted in the Daily KOS, this simple poem got a lot of negative comments.  It must be true, as I hit a nerve, Attempted to answer these comments.  My comments were deleted and I’ve been put in the corner until the 23 of February.

I’m learning that the Daily KOS is like the borg.  You will fall inline with the correct beliefs or you will be intimidated, blocked or even thrown off the site all together. As you read thru the comments you will see that they support Zionism and censorship.  Its hardly American as disagreement is not allowed. They claim to be democrat, but their form of borg like democracy is a little scary.

Repeatedly I have been asked, what rights do you want?  The short and simple answer is, I believe men should have the right to have rights and feminism’s objection is proof of their hypocrisy when they say they believe in equality.  This makes me want to be more MRA then ever before.

Can’t Stop Death

Allah didn’t make the plane fly
Science did that
Aren’t we so smart
But the birds have been flying for centuries
Allah did that

How long did it take to make that sandy beach
So hot to your feet
Have to get to the water
Allah laughs
Watching us try to figure that out
As we prance like fairy solders
to the water

We’ve discovered the atom and know there’s no god
While we’re still unable to stop death
They tell me evolution is a fact
I look at my uncle
the monkey and just can’t believe that
Why are you offended
By a simple silent prayer
Are you afraid
Prayer might work
You might be wrong

I don’t know and I don’t care
While you think your so smart and not always fair
Calling me a fool
We’ll see
When we’re dead and gone
Just whose right and whose wrong

By: Roger Harkness – Shepard of Peace
Feb 13, 2016

The Bible Is Not The Pure Word of The True God

The bible is just one very small piece of the puzzle from libraries that once existed but have all been destroyed. For some, the bible is the word of God. It is disappointing to me, for so many make this claim and have not read all of the bible. My God is a God of light, truth and goodness, as Jesus said. God is good. There are many things in the bible that claims God had said, that God could not have said if God is a good. God would not break his own commandment and murder and ask others to wage war on innocent civilians because he thinks their land should belong to them. That is not my God. As taught by the Gnostic, their is a true God and their is a false god. Even Paul taught us to rightly divide the word of truth and most Christians today do not know what that means.
The bible itself was put together in a deceitful manner from a collection of books of which many have been lost. The bible was also translated into English in a deceitful manner. The Coptic Orthodox church has a slightly different bible which includes The Book of Enoch. I ask that you study the history on this and question your own beliefs.
There are many more scriptures out there other than the bible that have been recently discovered, you might want to check them out. Monks risked their lives to save these books for us in a collection called the Dead Sea Scrolls. It would be worthy to check them out before claiming that the bible is all there is.
The Sumerian Texts which have not yet been properly translated into English, but someday will be and available to all, just as the bible itself was once hidden from early Christians. Much older than the scriptures of the bible, It is claimed by one I know who has researched the Sumerian texts that the bible was simply copied from the Sumerian texts.
Many of the old books of the bible, like Genesis for instance, is a compilation of several other books, put together quickly to save what could be saved before all the scriptures were destroyed by war. It seemed to be a common thing that when you destroyed your enemy, you destroyed their books. The nation of Israel had been destroyed many times. To save what they could, scribes would collect what they could and compile the scriptures into condensed versions.
You have to understand that “The Bible” means “The Book” because it was supposed to be the only book and all other books were thought to be illegal and destroyed when the bible was created. But this is contrary to the bible itself which reads: 2 Timothy 3:16-17 King James Version (KJV) –  16 All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness: 17 That the man of God may be perfect, thoroughly furnished unto all good works.
In the last days the truth is to be revealed as we fall out of the old apostasy and into the light of the Aquarian age, it might be a good idea to consider new scriptures being unearthed as new pieces to a puzzle that is yet to be complete.

“President Obama’s top military commander secretly orchestrated intelligence sharing with military leaders in Germany, Israel and Russia to thwart the president’s policy to remove Bashar Assad from power in Syria and lay the groundwork for Russia’s military entrance into the Syrian civil war, because he believed Obama’s anti-ISIS strategies were hopelessly misguided.”

“The broad contours of this cloak-and-dagger tale were confirmed by Saturday’s Democratic Party presidential debate. One of the key foreign policy questions was whether the Syrian dictator had to be removed to defeat ISIS. Bernie Sanders said no, voicing the same argument Hersh reported was put forth by recently retired Joint Chiefs chairman Martin Dempsey: removing Assad would create a vacuum that Islamic extremists would fill. Ex-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Assad had to go, but intriguingly noted that Turkey was not helping matters. This separation of Assad’s fate from fighting ISIS is now moving into the presidential race, but if Hersh’s account is correct it mirrors the thinking of the top Pentagon commander who felt he had to act on his own because Obama wouldn’t listen to the military’s advice.”